SAPPHIE: “Look, Mum, it’s not my fault I don’t want to loll around naked, painted DayGlo with a flower stuck in every orifice, humping the air to Jefferson Airplane.”

EDINA: “It was the Grateful Dead, darling.”

6 responses to “About

  1. If you see that young gal Sherry Vail tell her I said Hey!

  2. Is Sherry still alive? Are you in touch with her? If so, please tell her that I am in Los Feliz, not far from the stone gates of Beachwood, and that I am no longer in Brooklyn. Please tell her that I may be reached via http://www.AngryThoreauan.com.

  3. Oh, I forgot: is this her sister? (I still have that CT number.)

  4. what is this?? I am a huge Dan fan!!

  5. The logo on the W.C. Fields photo denotes an ownership you do not own. Remove it or I will take it to the next step. This is not a joke.

  6. Sure, Clay. Whatever you say. Just a few questions first:
    1. Who are you?
    2. Are you claiming rights to the photograph or the logo?
    3. If the photo, are you the photographer? How do you claim copyright?
    4. If the logo, is it registered under a trademark? Is the trademark registered under your name?
    5. What “next step”?

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