A few thoughts on Thanksgiving

Why do we give thanks on Thanksgiving Day? Instead of thanking god this year, maybe we should take a moment to thank the thousands of real people who toiled to bring the feast to our table.

I propose that at this year’s Thanksgiving Day meal, we raise a toast to the farm workers, the truckers, the packagers, the FDA inspectors, the butchers, the bakers, the brewers, the forklift operators, the supermarket employees and everybody else who played a role in bringing your meal from the farm to your plate. If not for them, you’d have to cultivate, raise, slaughter and prepare your own food.

It seems to me that thanking god is a copout and a slap in the face to the actual human beings who silently contribute to the fabulously comfortable lives modern Americans enjoy.

This notion that god is responsible for our bounty (as if it the feast on the table magically appeared there by divine will) distances us from the real men and women who actually contributed to it. I wonder if this is one of the reasons we find it so easy to ignore, or even show contempt for, food workers and other people on the lower rungs of the American social ladder.

So if you get the chance today, thank a grocery store clerk, farmer or dairy worker. God gets enough praise, most of it undeserved.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and enjoy your meals!

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