Showbiz kids making movies of themselves


My mother takes a malicious, maternal delight in dragging out embarrassing photos of me and showing them to anyone who visits her home. (The photo above is the best I can do by way of revenge.) I’m sure my grandmother, too, had a file full of photos of my mom with her finger in her nose, sitting on the potty or running around in her skivvies in the backyard. I’m also sure my mom burned them first chance she got.

Of course, you can’t burn the Internet, which is opening up delightful new ways to embarrass your friends and family. In fact, on all over the Internet people are busy embarrassing themselves without any help from fiendish friends or sadistic siblings.

So when someone e-mailed me this circa-1980 video of my friend and hair stylist Jamie McGann singing for the Poodle Boys, I couldn’t just settle for just watching it. I had to blog it.

3 responses to “Showbiz kids making movies of themselves

  1. Could that anchorman be any more demeaning? What a dork.

    Also, I couldn’t help noticing Sean Byrne from the battlecats in his signature leather jacket dancing around in front of the stage at the beginning of the clip. I have a feeling he’s not as young as he would lead us to believe.

  2. Actually, that’s Iggy — who could very well have been a Cattlebrat back in the day. Still looks the same and has that same leather jacket, too.

  3. i don’t think the picture can compare to the baby pics and high school pics of you. we all have our not so flattering pictures we try to hide but when you think back on them should make you smile. i only wish i had baby pics but noah’s are good enough.


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