Not now! Kinda busy!


New Haven Register sports columnist Dave Solomon delivers a witty and elegant tribute to the late Tom McCormack, who died early Friday morning. The Connecticut Post’s Chris Elsberry also gives a fitting eulogy in print.

2 responses to “Not now! Kinda busy!

  1. it was so great to see you last night, despite the sad circumstances. i can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve seen you guys, and I really hope we can get together again soon. i’d love to come up to the old cafe nine some time — no matter how long i live here, i’ll probably never find another place where i feel so comfy cozy.
    i’m also enjoying your blog — especially the story about “a prayer for owen meany.” it’s a good book, but hardly a reason for a breakup!

  2. L-o-friggin-L, Carrie. Trust me, “A Prayer for Owen Meany” was not, by itself, the culprit — just one of a long list of misdeeds and insensitivities allegedly committed by yours truly. And believe me you, it was for the better.

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