Monkey in your soul


You know the little angel and little devil that perch on your shoulders and offer unsolicited moral counsel (a la that scene from Animal House)? Well, what if that little voice in your head really isn’t you? The Washington Post reports that the Web is host to a growing community of people who believe the government (or someone, at least) is controlling their thoughts — and they swear they’re not crazy.

Then again, so does Daniel Johnston — but only when he’s been off his meds for a while.

If I ever have a free Saturday afternoon — and it doesn’t look like that‘s happening any time soon — I’m going to hang blankets over the windows, burn some patchoulli incense, spin Pink Floyd’s “Atom Heart Mother” (what exactly does that “heart” mean, anyhow?) and just listen. Maybe someone will speak up.

And if that fails, I could always catch up on my reading.

One response to “Monkey in your soul

  1. We’ll be there.

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