Fourth rule is …


For some years now I’ve had this idea of opening a restaurant specializing in ancient Roman cuisine. The only things hampering this ambition are my complete deficit of business sense and utter lack of entrepreneurial spirit. But if I’m going to do it, I probably should do it soon because I detect a nascent trend exploring historic cuisines.

Anyway, what’s Latin for non-sequitur? I also came across this interesting piece claiming to settle the debate over the German sense of humor, or lack thereof.

Finally, some sage advice for tipplers, although it arrives a bit late for the holidays. Happy New Year everyone!

4 responses to “Fourth rule is …

  1. maybe you could open a place in ROMA / SL

  2. There’s a money-making idea. Will you help me put together the menu?

  3. I love historic cooking. The girls and I have made some medieval recipes from and some recipes from a gorgeous book called Vegetarian [I know, I’m sorry] Silk Road Cooking. We’ve also tried a few old American recipes.

    Next year we’re back to ancient history, so we’ll definitely try some of those Roman ones. Have you made any?

  4. By the way, what is the fourth rule? (It’s worth a beer or something equivalent.)

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