Too tough to die


Well, ICM501 is over, but I suppose anyworld is here to stay — for now at least. I wanted to do a postmortem on this whole blog thing. First of all, I’m trying to figure out who’s reading it. According to WordPress‘ blog stats function, I’m getting somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 visits on an average day, which puts me pretty far along in Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail.” (It doesn’t specify, but I think those are unique views.) There are about 20 people in ICM501; a couple seem to drop by with some regularity but I’m going to guess a good chunk of my classmates aren’t regular anyworld readers. My brother drops by from time to time, along with other family members. So who the hell are the rest of you people?


My biggest day was Dec. 5, when page views rocketed up to 59. That was the day I posted a shameless plug for my friends at cafe nine, touting an upcoming Wanda Jackson show, and also plugging my wife’s band, which had an upcoming gig. So I guess it must have been people searching for Wanda or cafe nine that drove up the numbers.

Anyhoo, as long as someone’s still reading, I’ll keep posting. You’ll see fewer response papers, and I might make it a little bit edgier since it’s no longer performing an academic function. I’ll continue the references to arcane Steely Dan and Ramones lyrics until I have to start reusing them — it gives anyworld a sense of identity.

See you there.

3 responses to “Too tough to die

  1. And oh, I just don’t know
    Why I can’t let her go
    Oh I just don’t know

  2. Nicely done, Alex. See you in class next semester.

  3. deedeepicnictable

    Hey Ed, I read. And I enjoy. Your posts are just usually too smart for me to come up with a good response. Keep writing!

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