Well, newspaper circulation’s down another 3 percent or so. Sounds bad for us journos, but if the Blue Meanies don’t stop trying to take all the fun out of the Internet, maybe we’ll start to regain some readers. So I say it’s high time to break out the Coke and Mentos.

Meanwhile, one of my greatest fears came true today, when Andrew Hinton (whose work we read for the section on games) paid a visit to Anyworld and saw that I’d cited him in one of my posts. Given the public nature of these ICM501 blogs, I knew there was always a possibility someone who actually knows what he’s talking about might read my work and pass judgment on it. Lucky for me, it looks like Hinton didn’t read the post carefully enough to see through the thick veil of manure.

4 responses to “Eep!

  1. congrats on the pickup!

  2. Cool.

    Did you see the other side of the 3%? Newspaper websites have seen an average increase of readership of 24% during the same period. I guess I’ll still have a job for a little while at least.

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