Still blushing


I swear I wasn’t trying to peddle pr0n in class tonight — the site I recommended is a flash gallery that a friend of mine, Mark Mouton, uses to showcase his excellent photography. Yes, there are a few erotic images (tame by Web standards); of course, Dr. Halavais made a bee-line for them.

That aside, I think it’s a good example of what we were talking about in class today because it’s visually exciting and fun to use — largely because it defies Web conventions.

Incidentally, Mark tells me he bought the Flash code off some guy in Thailand for $50. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

3 responses to “Still blushing

  1. Ah, one man’s art is another’s porn. Never underestimate the American Puritanical Tradition.

  2. I THINK he’s in Thailand. Not definite. Definitely somewhere within the Pacific Rim.. which is probably irrellevant since you can find it here:

    PS – Thanks for the kudos!
    PSS – You mispelled porn -:)

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