Quoth the maestro …


“Students are not like hamburgers.”
— Dr. Alex Halavais

6 responses to “Quoth the maestro …

  1. I headed straight for Louis Lunch after class. That’s the kind of burger I’d be (in SL or RL).

  2. Mmm. Got to say, though, I think the Doodle has the better burger.

  3. Y’know, I’ve never had a Carl Jr. or In-and-Out.

    Burger King: kind of limp, with a forced char taste (Liquid Smoke?), way too much mustard and cheese that’s apparently made by Elmer’s. Frankly, McDonald’s has a better tasting burger.

    White Castle: always a disappointment — even the onions grilled into the meat can’t rescue these from tastelessness.

    Louis Lunch: thick, meaty burgers broiled sideways on turn-of-the- (19th) century gas grills; served minimalistically on white toast with your choice of onions, tomato or Cheez Whiz (but defnitely not ketchup!). They tend to come out a little too dry or rare for some; they don’t knock you over with taste, either.

    Yankee Doodle: my favorites. These small burgers are fried until they’re almost crispy, and (as at White Castle) onions are pressed into the meat, but unlike WC they’re given enough time to carmelize a bit to add a touch of sweetness. They’re served on buttered rolls with a dab of sweet onion relish. They’re gloriously unhealthy and a little messy. Three or four is enough for a meal.

  4. Carl’s Junior – UC Irvine. Sorry: hard to divorse these two in my mind since Carl’s (“l’etoille”) was often my school lunch. But generally I think Carl’s “fits” well with “the OC.”

    White Castle – Quick, scary, ubiquitous in all the strangest places. And unmistakably Jersey. Rutgers? No, NJIT.

    Burger King – Pumping out burgers under a heavy flame that turn out better than you’d expect. Princeton. (Yes.)

    In-and-Out Burger – Man, that’s hard. In-and-Outs have a lot of tradition, very high quality, but with a bit of granolaness in there (e.g., veg oil for fries way before anyone else was even thinking of it). They also produce a pretty wide range of people. Probably MIT.

    Hey, that’s kind of fun. Someone should do a little book or website on that. Get sued by everybody.

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