Could Wiki could put news editors (like myself) on the scrap heap of history? This experiment by Wired News shows promise, but I’m not dusting off my resume just yet. Meanwhile, more trouble at JRC.

2 responses to “Developments

  1. Hey Ed,

    You have created a very cool blog site. I need to know how you got phrases to be hyperlinked. Also how did you create a homepage?



  2. Hi Vrinda:

    To make a hyperlink, first copy the entire url you want to link: http:// etc. Then you’ve got to work some real minor html voodoo. Where you want the linked text, type the following except use angle brackets (over the period and comma keys) instead of regular parentheses as I do in the example (if I use the angle brackets here it will hyperlink and you won’t be able to see what I’m doing):

    (a href=”PASTE_URL_HERE”)text you want to hyperlink(/a)

    So, if I wanted to hyperlink the Drudge Report, I would type (a href=””)The Drudge Report(/a). Except, of course, I’d use the angle brackets. If it doesn’t turn out right, double check where you entered the “=” sign, and that you have quotes before and after the URL, and that you closed the tag with (/a).

    As for the Web page, I cheated — I used a template that comes with my account.


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