Introduction (belated)

Hi. My name is Ed Crowder. I’m a reporter and general assignment editor at the Connecticut Post, the daily newspaper serving Bridgeport and the surrounding region.

I’ve worked at newspapers in Connecticut for 11 years, since graduating from Southern Connecticut State University in 1995. I spent a year as editor of the West Haven News before moving briefly into the far more lucrative field of temp work. Within a year I found my way back into reporting, working at the Connecticut Post, then the New Haven Register. I landed back at the Post in 2000 and have since worked there in a variety of editing positions.

This year I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in grad school, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of exploring a field that’s well outside my comfort zone. I’m not really an interactive guy. When I talk it’s usually to hear my own voice. And if you’re talking to me, I’m probably only pretending to listen.

I live in New Haven with my wife, Kriss, and my three-legged cat, Spider.

Oh yeah: I took the name of this blog from a Steely Dan lyric. It was the first thing that popped into my head. But if any of you fans out there want to get bogged down in debate over the significance of Charlie Lotion or the identity of Dr. Wu, feel free.

One response to “Introduction (belated)

  1. Snazzy-looking blog, there, Ed. Glad to link in. Speaking of which, do you know

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